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JanuxTV-Powered TV Turf

A Next-Level Horse Racing Experience

TV Turf uses JanuxTV to create and distribute its online TV channel, allowing horseracing fans to be up-to-date and receive notifications for news, shows, and live transmissions.

TV Turf is a streaming TV channel covering Chilean horse racing, featuring live races, commentary shows, interviews, and news. It caters to fans and leverages JanuxTV' platform to offer unique user features, such as rewinding to relive the most thrilling moments, zooming in for a closer look at the thundering hooves, or savoring every detail in slow motion. Fans can stay ahead of the curve with timely notifications, ensuring they never miss a beat when it comes to upcoming races and shows.

"The people who have the application and are in the equestrian community have nothing but praise for our project. That is thanks to JanuxTV's technical quality, plus all the content work we do. All the technical part has been up to par"

Roberto San Miguel, Business Manager at TV Turf

While TV Turf has a website, the primary user interaction occurs through its mobile application, available for iOS and Android. TV Turf opted for a plan that included a white-label mobile app, customized with their brand, name, and content.

JanuxTV enables the creation of a 24/7 online TV channel by combining live programs and recorded content on a calendar. The streaming signal can be shared on various platforms like YouTube or Facebook, in addition to the mobile app and embeddable web player. Administrators can also send notifications directly to users, keeping them informed about new content releases.

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