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Build your own streaming TV Channel

Mix live and pre-recorded videos to create your 24/7 streaming channel on JanuxTV's cloud platform.

Build your Channel

Easily create your channel's Electronic Program Guide (EPG) by combining live and pre-recorded content on our cloud platform. Just place your shows on the calendar, and you're all set!

  • Electronic Program Guide
    • Place your shows on the calendar and create your Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to share with your audience.

  • Video on Demand
    • Add pre-recorded content to your library and schedule it for streaming. Set streams to replay with video looping.

  • Live to VoD
    • Stream your live shows and record them on the platform to reuse them later as pre-recorded content.

  • Share the best moments
    • Use the clipping tool to create clips you can share on social media and other platforms.

Distribute your channel

Publish your channel on your website, Twitch, YouTube, and other popular platforms. With JanuxTV you can choose where to restream your signal.

  • Get an advanced web player for embedding into your website

  • Stream your channel to multiple platforms simultaneously, so your audience can enjoy your content

  • Create and share clips of your shows on social media to expand your reach.

Engage your Audience

Reach your maximum audience potential with a branded mobile app to engage your audience. Share breaking news and updates through push notifications.

Monetize your Channel

Publish your commercials and keep all the revenue. You can use VAST tag URLs to add video commercials as pre-rolls or mid-rolls to your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is JanuxTV?
    • JanuxTV is a cloud video streaming platform providing everything you need to launch your own streaming TV channel, integrated with your existing podcasts and web news in your mobile applications.

  • Do I have to download or install something to use JanuxTV?
    • No. JanuxTV is a cloud platform, so all you need to use is a web browser. Your organization will get an account and you can have users with different profiles depending on the access they need to the platform.

  • Is there any commitment to use JanuxTV?
    • Not at all. You can sign up and cancel at anytime.

  • How long does it take to launch the service?
    • We can have JanuxTV platform up and running for your channel in less than 24 hours.

  • What is timeshifting?
    • Timeshifting is the ability to go back in time to see whatever was streamed earlier. This is achieved in JanusTV by our live video DVR. The maximum time to go back depends on the DVR disk capacity available. Typically, in JanusTV, each hour of video takes 2 GB of disk space.

  • Do I need an encoder?
    • You'll need an encoder if you want to stream live content. You can use software applications like vMix and OBS or use a hardware encoder. If you don't need to stream live content, you can upload your videos and stream them simulating live events using the EPG for accurate broadcast or the live list to stream a circular list of videos.

  • Do you take any cuts from my ads revenue?
    • No, you publish your own ads from your customers and keep 100% of your revenue.