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Engage Your Audience

Empower your users with JanuxTV, enabling them to watch every show, save content for later, and access advanced features. Enjoy these features on the web player or mobile app, enhancing the viewing experience for your audience.

Web player

Embed your channel on your website with a customizable web player featuring advanced capabilities.

Mobile App

Get a branded mobile app for your channel. Use push notifications to alert your audience about exciting new content.


Give your audience the ability to go back in time to see whatever was streamed earlier. With JanuxTV's built-in DVR, your users will never miss a show.

A better experience

JanuxTV offers your audience advanced options like zoom-in, slow-down, and save-to-watch-later, enhancing their viewing experience and making your channel stand out.

Your own mobile app

Get your exclusive branded mobile app, available on both Android and iPhone. Customize it and add more of your content, like news or podcasts.

  • Just your content
    • Stand out from other channels and avoid foreign commercials. With your app, you control your viewers' experience completely.

  • All your shows and more
    • JanuxTV features a built-in DVR, allowing users to rewatch their favorite shows or catch up on missed ones. You can also add extra content, such as videos not aired in the live signal, news from your website, and podcasts if available.

  • Notify your audience
    • Have a new show or something special for your audience? Use the app's push notifications to remind them when to tune in, so they don't miss it.

Advanced features for a better experience

It's not just watching TV: JanuxTV's advanced features let your audience choose when to watch a show, share links to exact moments in the timeline, zoom in, pan, slow down, and more.

  • Highlight interesting content
    • As an editor, you can highlight interesting shows or moments by creating direct video links for easy access by your audience. Additionally, you can send these links to your mobile app users via push notifications.

  • Save to watch later
    • Viewers can save a moment in the timeline to watch later, enabling them to revisit content at their convenience.

  • Easy access to your shows
    • Past shows will be available for rewatch as long as the DVR retains them. Users will receive a direct link to the start of the show when exploring the channel's past programming schedule.