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How Radio Usach Tailored Their JanuxTV App to enrich their audience's experience

The Universidad de Santiago consolidated two channels into a single mobile app, allowing users to seamlessly switch between them. They also enhanced the user experience by adding access to podcasts and news.

Radio Usach and Santiago TV are a radio and a television station respectively, belonging to the University of Santiago in Chile. The University decided to use JanuxTV to create and distribute both channels, with their content available on their website and also through a mobile app.

Universidad de Santiago opted to consolidate both channels into a single mobile app, enabling users to seamlessly switch between them within the same application.

JanuxTV provides a white-label mobile app, which Radio Usach customized with their brand and identity colors.

The app also seamlessly integrates access to podcasts and written news sourced directly from their website, enriching users' experience with a diverse multimedia offering. With JanuxTV, adding multiple channels within a single mobile app becomes effortless, empowering users with the flexibility to transition between different streams of content.

Radio Usach focuses on news and commentary, while Santiago TV explores culture with visually compelling content. Santiago TV enhances its content by incorporating video from some of the radio shows, such as news segments, making smart use of its content and resources.

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